Your dog’s behavior means a lot


Once you have a dog, you will feel his love, care, and protection, and it’s your turn to show your love and care for it, but how to do that? You must be aware of your dog’s behaviors as it means a lot. Moreover, if you understand each behavior your best friend makes, life will be easier. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about your dog’s behavior which means a lot. We gathered a list of the most common behaviors that indicate what your dog needs exactly.

20 – On hind legs

If your dog stands on its hind legs, this indicates that he wants a hug and to show his love to you. Don’t miss this chance and show your attention and love.

19- Barking without reason

Don’t get angry or shout at your dog when it barks for nothing a lot while looking through the window. This behavior indicates that it is trying to save you and announce that there is a dog that protects this area.

18- Chewing furniture

Just like babies, Puppies chew furniture once they are teething. Otherwise, if they are not Puppies that means they have energy that you must try to get them a walk or activity.So, don’t get angry and take them to the vet to check their teeth.

17- Different tone of barking

Barking is the only way for the dog to send you messages, you must understand his tones. Usually, if they bark frequently and loudly, it means there is danger. Otherwise, if they bark loudly but not frequently it means, they are in pain. In addition, if they bark softer, it means they need to play with you.

16- Bringing you toys

Bringing toys to you is another way of expressing love to you as they want to tell you that they trust you and want to share with you their possession or their prize. Don’t ignore it or throw the toy.

15- Kick when you tickle their belly

Don’t get angry with your dog if they kick while you tickle its belly. Actually, their nerve sends signs to the brain to try to get rid of this feeling of itch. If your dog did so try to change the spot you are tickling.

14- When dogs yawn

Dogs is not like a human while awning as it does not always mean they need to sleep, it just indicates that your dog feels safe and relaxed and sometimes it means they are tired after a walk or exercise.

13- After shower energy

Taking shower may be a good choice to be clean, but not for dogs as most dogs don’t like taking showers. So, if found them running everywhere and boosting energy because they need to get dry as soon as possible.

12- Caterpillar behavior

Don’t be surprised if your dog is made like a caterpillar, as it may be trying to get your attention with strange movements. Otherwise, it may try to scratch an itch.

11- Before you go out

Leaving your dog at home will make him have a sad face that he wants to go with you. In addition, some dogs will trust you that you will come back and has a calm face.

10- Pacing around

If you see your dog going around the place, this means that it is playing or chasing another dog. In addition, it may mean it is boring or nervous.

9- Tilting their heads

You may notice that while you give instructions to your dog, it will tilt its head. This behavior indicates that he is trying to understand and concentrate on your vocal tone and body language as well.

8- Sniffing everywhere

Sniffing is normal behavior for any animal especially dogs as they have 22 million olfactory receptors. So, it means it feels dangerous and also sometimes tracks prey.

7- Flipping up tongues

If you find your dog coming to you and flipping up tongues with an innocent face, this means forgive me. Yes, your dog made a mistake and of course, you will not resist this cute innocent face.

6- Exposing their belly to you

Your dog may expose their dog to you, which means trust, so don’t miss this chance to show your love and rub his belly as well. It will be so happy if you play with it after this behavior.

5- Tucking their tail

There are also many signs and behavior your dog will make like tucking its tail which means it feels scared, guilty, or uncertain. In this case, show your support and speak in a soft voice.

4- Raising their paws

Dogs are smart animals; however, their intelligence varies from one breed to another, so if they are raising their paws it means they need to eat. Sometimes if they just eat and raise their paws, it means they need love.

3- Wagging their tails

If you found your dog is wagging their tails, it means it is excited and happy. So, don’t ruin this moment and play with it as it is the best time for you and it will be enjoyable.

2- Dragging their bum

Some dog breeds suffer from the anal sac, that’s why you will find it dragging their bum. Don’t ignore this behavior and visit the vet as soon as possible.

1- Staying on your feet

Your best friend likes to be near you all the time, so you will find it lying on your feet which means it lives with you and feels comfortable. Don’t try to move it; it’s a special moment for expressing your friendship.

In conclusion, living with a dog is a fun and great thing that you will enjoy your day with many activities to do. So, don’t miss these great moments and play with them. If you understand it more, you will enjoy it more.

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