Top 17 reasons why your cat follows you to the bathroom


Cats are the cutest pets that you can enjoy raising up at your home. However, there are many mysterious actions they do without specific reason such as following us to the bathroom. Everyone wants privacy in the bathroom, but, if you have a cat, it will follow you everywhere, especially the bathroom. Even if you close the door, it will wait for you at the door. Do you know why Cats follow you to the bathroom? We will tell you everything you need to know about this issue.

1- The mystery is the cat’s enemy

Cats don’t like Mystery, thus any closed room is a strange thing, so you will find it seeks to know everything about this room. In addition, you are its own friend it searches for you all the time and follows you to the bathroom. What are you doing in this closed room? This is a mystery for it that seeks to get an answer and share with you all your activities.

2- Curiosity is a normal attitude for cats

Once you got a cat at your home, it will feel like it’s her own home. So, it will need to know what is inside each room as its curiosity will not stop. Entering the bathroom each day many times and closing the door will make the cat too much curious to know what you are hiding inside

3- Cats are bored

Being bored is the main reason for cats to follow you to the bathroom and enjoy playing with you. Besides, you will find them stealing a robe or toilet paper to fill their time because of being bored.

4- Cats searches for their litter box.

If you are looking for a logical reason for the cat to follow in the bathroom, it may be searching for the litter box. Besides, your cat may seek to try a new litter box which is your toilet.

5- Cats adhere to their usual habits

Chasing is the main hobbit for your cat, that’s why you will find cats chasing each other or with another animal. That’s why it chases you into the bathroom.

6- Cats follow your smell

Like any other animal, the smell is one of the main reasons why cats follow you to the bathroom. Your smell is the main reason, you are the secure source for your kitty, so don’t be angry as it seeks your smell.

7- Cats show their love in a different way

Your cat seeks to show you that they love you in many ways. In addition, it likes to have a lot of amusement with you most of the time. This way of amusement shows its love towards you in many ways.

8- Your cat cares for you

As we just mentioned, your cat loves you and you are its best friend. The friend or the lover takes care of his partner. In addition, following you is for a purpose which is looking after you, that’s why the cat follows you to the bathroom.

9- A relaxing place is a target for the cat

Cats play all day, so they need to rest for a time and relax. The bathroom is the place where the cold tiles will get her what she needs after a long busy day, especially in summer. That’s why your cats follow you to the bathroom.

10- Cats prefer warm places

Taking a hot shower in the bathroom will make your cat seeks to get into this warm place. So, that’s one of the main reasons why your cat follows you to the bathroom. Besides, you can wrap your cat in a warm towel which will make it feels warm and happy.

11- Cats want to be in a safe place with you

As we have mentioned, you are the main source of safety for your cat. So, it follows you to the bathroom as it feels like you will save it always.

12- Cats searches for freshwater

If you seek to make your cat get healthy water that is not from any other bad source, you will not be able to do that. However, if you go to the bathroom, you will find your cat drinking water from the tap. That’s one of the main reasons why your cat follows you to the bathroom.

13-Cats seek to accompany you

As you are your cat’s best friend, she enjoys your accompany. So, don’t be angry at your kitty when it follows you to any place, especially the bathroom. Finally, you must realize that your cat loves your accompany.

14- The sink is alike Cats of Bed

Cats like the sink for a specific reason which is that it fits their body with its round shape. So, it may try to follow you into the bathroom to sleep in the sink even in winter as it can warm the sink.

15- Cats feel that’s a normal habit

Some cats feel it’s normal to enter with you any place as usual. Maybe you will feel it’s not the right time to accompany you as you need your privacy as any human. However, it became a habit to be with your kitty wherever you go.

16- Cats seek a new place with a new adventure

A new place is a new adventure for kids as well as cats, so the bathroom is a new adventure and a place to play in the sink or in the bathtub. Treat your cat as if it is your kid that wants a new place to enjoy the time.

17- Your Attention is the target of your cat

Your cat is like a baby, it needs your attention, but during the day you may be busy with your mobile, friends, or family. So, the best time that you will not be able to move or be busy is in the bathroom. Besides, it will be easy for the cat for hugging and pet as there is no distraction like T.V., P.C., or book. You must be aware that your kitty needs your attention.
In conclusion, your cat loves you and wants to be shar

ing with you all your time. It’s better not to annoy her and let it in, maybe one time it will be exhausted and don’t enter with you. Many people search for someone to share all the time as your cat does with you.

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