The Strangest 19 Cat Behaviors


Cats are the cutest pets ever; however, there are strangest 19 behaviors that you may not understand. Every action or behavior your cat makes is for a specific reason which you must know. Knowing your cat’s behaviors and understanding it will help you create a strong relationship with your cat. Besides, it will love your company and friendship and obey your orders. Let’s explain the strangest 19 cat behaviors.

1- Bonding with you

Your cat loves you and wants always to be by your side cuddling and Bonding with you. As that will make it feels that you truly love it without acting that. So, don’t push it away or get angry as that will upset it.

2- Following you to the bathroom is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

Cats are curious about the bathroom, and this is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors that you must accept. Being with you is your cat’s goal as it feels safe and secure with you.

3- Running around the House

Cats like any animal seek to hunt, however being a house cats they will never be able to enjoy this behavior. Running around the house is a behavior to release its energy and desire to run and hunt. So, don’t worry when you notice your cat running around the house.

4- Biting its Nails is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

When your cat bites its nails that means it feels anxiety just as humans do, don’t ignore that as that indicates it is bored s well. So, try to play with it or make it feel not bored with new toys.

5- Hissing more than usual

You might hear the hissing of your cat and get choked on it, as it is one of the 19 strangest cat behaviors. Cat’s hissing means it is not comfortable or agitated. So, don’t try to interact with it, wait till it calms down.

6- Showing Victory for you is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

Cats follow their instinct, hunting rates is the instinct behavior that they used to see their mother bringing them rats as their food. So, this will be your present, it will hunt it and bring it to you as you are now its family and also to prove its proficiency.

7- Sprawling Legs while lying

One of the strangest 19 cat behaviors is sprawling legs while lying on the bed or sofa. So, you will be surprised by this strange behavior, but don’t worry and feel comfortable as your cat now is relaxing and trusts your company.

8- Doing it outside the Litter Box

House cats are clean and usually defecate inside the litter box, so if it did that outside the litter box, that means a serious problem. There are many reasons for that such as the size of the litter box is not suitable, its location is not good or if it is sick and feels bad.

9- Trembling ears is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

Trembling ears is one of the 19 strangest cat behaviors, but it means something as well. If you notice that your cat is twitching its ears, try to leave it for a while as that means it is stressed or anxious.

10- Attacking your feet is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

Your cat is waiting for your turn to play together. So, you will be choked once fur jumps on your feet, don’t get angry or shout at it. Just try to give your cat the attention and love that it needs.

11- Sniffing your Face

Most animals use their senses most of the time, smelling is one of the most important senses that cats depend on. If you are holding them near your face, it may sniff your face to be sure that it’s really you.

12- Burying the Droppings

Cats like any other animal use their scent to protect their area so that no other animal comes to it. So, that’s normal behavior and if you didn’t do that you must check with their vet.

13- Painful Biting is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors

Animals have a lot of instincts and normal behaviors that you may forget as your cat is domestic. So, don’t be surprised if your cat bites you, as it tries to use its wild features that a house can’t be used.

14- Hitting its Head

It’s not normal at all if you notice your cat hitting its head, you must visit the vet. This is one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors due to it having pain or trauma.

 15- Purring and laughing

One of the strangest 19 cat behaviors that you must know is when you watch your cat purring. As it means a lot of good things such as its health is perfect and it is relaxing and enjoying its time with you.

16- Moving the Tail Back and Forth

Most cats used to move their tail as normal behavior; however, cats move their tail for other reasons. The main reason is that it feels unhappy, so it’s better to live alone for a while.

17- Dropping things from the Table

Knocking things off is a strange behavior; however, it indicates many things. As the main reasons for that are such as it is practicing hunting or it wants to play and have a fun time with you.

18- Sleeping on your Chest

You are the only friend of your cat, so it will sleep on your chest, it’s one of the 19 strangest behaviors, but it means it needs you to feel safe near you as you will save it while sleeping.

19- Sleeping most of the day

Sleeping a lot for cats are one of the strangest 19 cat behaviors you must visit the vet to know the reason. Therefore, you must know that when kittens get adults they usually sleep more than before. The best solution for that is to keep playing with it for a long time.

In conclusion, your cat is just like you if it made strange behavior there must be a specific reason. So, if you didn’t know the reason for any strange action it made, that indicates something. Therefore, don’t ignore that reason and try to solve its problem and help it feel better. Otherwise, you can ask the vet to get the best medical opinion.

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