The smartest 20 Dog breeds in the world


Dogs are the smartest animal that human enjoys company, Veterinarians has studied 190 breeds and many breeds of dogs , so we will tell you about 20 of the smartest dog breeds in the world. If you are willing to buy a dog ,we will help you to choose among various characteristics of dogs. As some dogs are smart and obey your order and others are good hunters while others enjoy your companionship. This is a list of 20 of the Smartest Dog breeds in the world.

20- Siberian husky dog breed

It is a European smart dog breed and you will notice their smart mentality while dealing with other dog breeds. In addition, their origin is the Taymyr wolf in North Asia that’s why you will find it has an independent character in taking his decisions and actions.

19- English Springer spaniel dog breed

The English Springer spaniel is one of the most famous dog breeds in the United States of America. It has two famous characters, as it is very loyal to its owner and a talented hunter. In addition, it is a lovely member of the family.

18- Collie dog breed

The Collie dog breed is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, as you will easily train it without much effort. It’s active and will not get tired of playing all day. Besides, it likes helping people in dangerous situations.

17- Bearded Collie dog breed

The Bearded Collie is one of the 20 smartest Dog breeds in the world. Besides, they have an independent character which needs too much training if you need them to get new skills. Moreover, it is an energetic breed that needs a daily life full of energy and fun; however, it is very kind.

16- Bernese mountain dog breed is the smartest Dog breed in the world

The Bernese mountain dog is one of the unique smart breeds. Besides, they can learn new things easily, even if they are massive. Their weight reaches 100 pounds. If you have children, they will enjoy it a lot as the Bernese breed are friendly with children.

15- English setter dog breed

English setter is one of the intelligent dog breeds that make use of its strong smell. In addition, it is friendly with different people and also an energetic breed.

14- Jack Russell Terrier dog breed of the smartest Dog breeds in the world

The Jack Russell Terrier breed is famous for obeying orders well, besides its body is graceful and athletic body and loud voice. In addition, it has a noticeable intelligence and braveness.

13- Weimaraner dog breed of the smartest Dog breeds in the world

The Weimaraners are famous for their beauty and strong body, besides being skilled hunters. You will love them and enjoy giving them, tasks as they are lovely and obedient. Although it is big, you will enjoy its companion.

12- Pembroke Welsh corgi dog breed

It is the best breed since the Pembroke Welsh corgi was the only choice of the queen of England. The main reason is that it has the best characteristics such as easy to learn new skills. Besides, it is perfect as watchdogs and also they love playing with kids.

11- Irish setter dog breed

Irish Setters are one of the Smartest Dog breeds in the world as it understands your orders and obeys them. In addition, it is very loyal to its owner and loves to enjoy time with the family.

10- German shorthaired pointer dog breed of the smartest Dog breeds in the world

This German shorthaired pointer is one of the good dog hunters, you will enjoy their companionship while hunting. However, they need long times of running and training otherwise it will be dangerous.

9- Alaskan Husky dog breed of the smartest Dog breeds in the world

Alaskan Husky is a unique kind of dog; it is the smartest god breed as it has a wolf mind. Besides, its favorite nature is the icy climate as it makes it very comfortable. It also likes sport.

8- Old English sheepdog breed is the smartest Dog breed in the world

It is one of the cutest dog breeds since its chubby body makes its shape special. In addition, its body has heavy fur; even it covers its eyes. Besides, they obey your orders if you trained them well.

7- Alaskan malamute dog breed

The Alaskan malamute has many similarities with the Siberian husky and the Alaskan Husky. As we have mentioned, these breeds are smart and love playing with the kids. So, if you have kids, it will be the best choice.

6- Chesapeake bay retriever dog breed

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a truly smart dog breed since they have many hunting abilities. In addition, it is active and talkative when they are excited about something. You will enjoy their help while hunting.

5- Australian Shepherd dog breed

Australian Shepherd is very smart and that smart makes them opinionated sometimes. It may disturb other animals as well. However, it is very loyal to its owner and enjoys learning new tricks with him.

4- Saint Bernard dog breed

If you are looking for quite a smart dog breed, the Saint Bernard dog breed is what you need. Even though its size is huge, it is very patient and cute. You must train them with other animals to avoid fear later.

3- Akita Inu dog breed

Akita Inu is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Besides, its origin is Japan where intelligence exists, so it has many talents, especially learning new things and tricks in an easy way. However, sometimes it is a little opinionated.

2- Great Dane dog breed

Great Dane is the smartest dog breed in the world besides being the largest dog ever. However, it has an intelligent and intellectual mind that makes them helpful to you. It has a massive body but it likes to exercise and it is very loyal and protective.

1- Brittany dog breed

Brittany is a very intelligent dog breed, and that helped them to be a hunter. In addition, it is also famous for being easy to train, so you can give it tasks to complete it. It also likes competitions, but you have to make it communicate with other people from a young age.

In conclusion, you can now choose between the smartest dog breeds in the world. Each dog breed has its characteristics and behaviors that suit its owner’s needs. The smartest

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