The best guardian dog breed


Looking for the best guardian dog breed? Doesn’t worry we will tell you the best one to be safe with the best dog breeds. Dogs have many benefits like helping elderly people, protecting kids, amusing their campaign, and also a guardian which is mostly the main target for many people. All dog breeds have that protective instinct; however, there are specific dog breeds that have more abilities that make them the best guardian dog whatever physical or mental abilities. So, we will tell you in this article about the best guardian dog breed.

Akitas is the best dog breed

Akitas are the best Japanese dog breed that was raised to be guards and hunters. Besides, it has strong body with100 pounds of weight. It has a thick coat which makes it look great. Moreover, it is highly respected in Japan as the perfect family protector. However, they are not sociable with other dogs or strangers.

Australian Shepherds

If you are looking for both cute and strong dogs as a guardian, so Australian Shepherds are the best watchdog that you will feel safe with it. In addition, it also likes playing and having fun moments with their owner as they are loyal to him. Besides, it needs training and it is smart that it can learn new things easily. So, it is the best guardian dog breed.

The Appenzeller Sennenhund

One of The best guardian dog breed is the Appenzeller Sennenhund which is known as the Appenzeller Mountain dog. It is a fearless dog with a strong muscular body and alert mind, so you will be safe with this dog breed.  The Appenzeller is intelligent and energetic so you must prepare a wide space for playing and practicing.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

The Anatolian Shepherd dog is one of the dogs that will be the best guardian and you will be safe. Moreover, its height gives it more strength as it is 2.5 feet tall and it also has a noticeable muscular graceful body. In addition, it has a special attitude to save its flocks and family. It is also quick thinkers who will take the fast right decision to save your life.


Beaucerons are one of the strongest dog breeds and also they look thicker than Dobermans and also the pointed ears. These strong dogs want firm training and a lifestyle full of mental and physical exercises. In addition, it is a smart dog that will defend you with confidence as its tall and graceful body enables them to be the best guardian.

The Belgian Laekenois

The Belgian Laekenois is characterized by their loving and caring for their family and owners. Besides, the Belgian Laekenois seek to please their owners and protect themselves from any strangers. So, training is the best for this dog breed and the best sign for its watchful eyes is the dark snout.

Black Russian Terriers

Black Russian Terriers are raised to be the best guardians of their owners and their properties. Besides, they are full of energy that needs more training and exercise to make use of this energy. You will find it being aware of any strangers to save you with a graceful strong body and confidence. So, don’t ignore the firm training to control them in front of strangers.

Boxers do breed

If you are looking for a dog for more safety besides having fun moments with it, boxers are the best dog breed that has both qualities. It takes its job in a serious way that once it feels dangerous, it will threaten that danger with the courage to save you. Don’t hesitate to get it as you will enjoy your time playing with it and also he will be a perfect guardian.


Boerboels are the best dog breed that you will be safe with it. They have genetic similarities with the Mastiff breed. Besides, it is superior to Mastiffs as they have strong jaws and strong muscles. However, it is known as a calm smart dog who adores his family.


Tornjaks are a well-known dog breed that many people own for many features, as it is known that it originated from Herzegovina-Croatian Shepherd Dog. In addition, they have deep loyalty n love towards their owners as they love their family and protect it from any strangers.


Hovawarts are famous for their strong smell sense which makes them one of the best watchdogs that helps a lot to figure out dangers. So, it has a high alert once he smells and feels dangerous it is very smart. Besides, it is used in search and rescue organizations. However, you have to control this breed by exercising more as the more it exercises the more perfect it will help to keep you safe.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is not famous as the Golden retriever and the Labrador. Besides, it loves its family and seeks their protection, and has deep loyalty toward its owners. You will find it calm most of the time, but don’t worry once there is a dangerous suspect, it will attack him and make you safe 100%.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are the smartest dog breeds that can sacrifice their life for their best friend. Besides, they have many physical abilities that made them the best police dog that helps in many crimes. In addition, they also like to learn new tasks and do them easily. So, this is one of the best dog breeds that will keep you safe with it.

Thai Ridgebacks

Thai Ridgebacks are the best jumpers which makes them the perfect hunter and guard as well. Besides, it is very fast and has a deep loyalty to their families. In addition, it has instincts towards strangers that they can get to know if there is danger or not. And also, it has an active lifestyle that needs more exercise and training.


Chihuahuas are a funny small dog breed that doesn’t exactly realize its size. Although it’s small in size it has a strong personality that makes it protects its family and owner. In addition, they are very smart that they understand your orders and they are good watchdogs. Moreover, you will find them trying to please you and they are an obedient dog breed.

The Bergamasco Sheepdog

You may think that the Bergamasco Sheepdog is not a strong guardian; however, it is one of the best protectors. Their thick fur protects them from any predators as it acts as a shield. In addition, they are not aggressive as they are friendly and sociable; they will not attack unless they feel it’s needed.

Belgian Malinois Guard

Belgian Malinois is the best dog breed that will keep you safe as it was used by the police in the United States of America. It is very smart that was able to find explosives and narcotics. That means that it’s highly intelligent that you can teach it new skills or it can help you in your tasks. Don’t hesitate to get this dog s it is the best guardian dog breed.


If are looking for a small guardian dog for your children, briards are the perfect choice for kids. They look cute and lovely as they have thick fur that covers their eyes. However, they are fully alert and love their owners and they are perfect watchdogs. You also have to get them more activities as they are moderate energy.

Doberman Pinschers

It is one of the strongest dog breeds that have the strength and is also known for its high speed. That’s why any intruder will be afraid of facing this terrifying guardian. So, you will be safe with this dog breed as they protect their owners and seek to do everything with them.


If you want a guardian dog breed and also seek more fun with that dog, Rottweilers are the best breed that gathers both things. So, you will be safe with this dog breed as they will go around you to save you from any strangers. Moreover, they like being around people as they are friendly and love their owners a lot.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs

This is one of the most fierce dog breeds; however, it is kind to its owner. In addition, they love their family and devote themselves to protecting them. Moreover, it has a modest energetic level that makes them wait for the right moment to save its owner.

Cane Corsos

Its name indicates its nature as its name “Cane Corsos” means in the Latin language “boy guard”. So, this proves that it was raised and trained well and also they are loyal to their owner. In addition, they have noticeable confidence that you will notice, but you have to train it a lot so s not to be aggressive towards strangers.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffordshire Bull Terriers were used for centuries in fighting competitions which proves their efficiency as protectors. However, nowadays they are a friendly lovely dog breed that adapted to families. Besides, it is very loyal to its owner and strives to protect him from any danger. It is also famous for its intelligence which led them to understand its owners and learn new skills easily.


There is no dog breed like the Pulis dog breed as it is extremely smart, however, it has an opinionated mind that you need to train a lot to control it. Besides, it is very faithful to its companions and their family and even their properties. In addition, it is called the “acrobat of the dog world” which proves it’s dangerous if it found its owner is at risk.

Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiffs dog breed is known for being devoted to their family s they like to be around their owners. However, their size is big but you will enjoy being with a strong friend that you will be safe with it. Tibetan Mastiffs will be territorial if a stranger came towards their door or owner.

The Bouvier Des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is a highly skilled and talented dog breed as its name indicates its nature. However, they need a companion to be with them and take care of them.  In addition, they will strive to protect their owners and their family s well.

The Spanish Water Dog

If you are looking for a dog breeds that with physical and mental skills, the Spanish water dog is the perfect one. Besides, it’s smart and that will help you to train it to new things. Moreover, it is perfect for chasing squirrels and rabbits. In addition, it is very loyal to its owner. Don’t miss this valuable dog breed as you will be safe with it.


Bullmastiffs are a perfect choice if you need a guardian dog as it is fearless. Moreover, it will help you as it is a well-equipped and loyal breed that loves to remain with its owner and learn new skills from him. So, it will be a perfect choice as you will be safe and enjoy its companion as well.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dogs

The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog has a very strong body and is very loyal to its owner, so it will enjoy your companion. However, it must be trained to obey your orders as sometimes it likes independence. So, you have to do many exercises with it to control it. In addition, they are real protectors when the moment comes as their size is big, and had strong muscles s well.

Perro de Presa Canarios

The Perro de Presa Canario is one of the best guardian dog breeds that you may consider in your choices. It has faith and high loyalty degree to its owners. Besides, it is a calm lovely dog breed that enjoys your companion and seeks to protect you.

In conclusion, all dog breeds are loyal to their owners and will exert their efforts to save them. However, we have mentioned the strongest ones and which have physical and mental abilities. So, we have mentioned, the best guardian dog breeds and you can choose which suits your lifestyle and attitude.

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