The best 10 expensive dog breeds in the world


Dogs are lovely animals and human friends, however not all dog breeds are equal, that’s why we will tell you the best 10 expensive dog breeds in the world. The cost of any dog breed is based on many features that it has such as strength, beauty, long lifespan, pure origin and also being unique. All over the world, there are 360 recognized dog breeds, so we have mentioned the top 10 of them that are the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

1- Lowchen dog breed

Lowchen is the most expensive dog breed on our list, its minimum price is 7000 $ as it is the best dog breed to get. Actually, it was about to be distinct but nowadays it has increased. Besides, it has a unique appearance with its short and wide muzzle. In addition, it comes in many colors which make many options for you. So, it is worth its price, and also its life span is from 12 to 14 years.

2- Rottweiler dog breed

Rottweiler is the second most expensive dog breed in the world, as its price is 7000$. Besides, it has many features that made him worth that price. As its body is largely strong and it is obedient that will be easy to train it in anything you want. That’s why nowadays it is used by police as a highly qualified dog breed and also in support of blind people. If you didn’t train it with other animals, it will be aggressive with strangers and any other animal. This breed dates back to the Roman Empire.

3- Samoyed dog breed

Samoyed dog is a high price dog breed that is worth around 6500 to 12000 $ which likes its family. Besides, they will be friendlier if you begin to socialize them earlier, and also it needs firm training time each day.  In addition, it is a perfect companion for old age people and also with children. It also has a thick white coat with two layers and its name is derived from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. It is distinguished by its bent tail; however, it will fall when they are relaxed.

4- German shepherd dog breed

German shepherd is one of the high price German dog breeds since its price is 6500$. Besides, it was used to protect the herd of sheep, however, nowadays it is used to guard humans, police dogs, and also in war. Its price depends on its training as if it is well-trained it will be much more expensive. It also depends on its size as there are medium and big sizes. So, it is worth its price as it is a working dog breed that can make many tasks and understand many commands as well.

5- Canadian Eskimo dog breed

Canadian Eskimo dog is one of the expensive dog breeds that costs about 6000$. Besides, it is the oldest and rarest dog from North America. In addition, it is a very strong and powerful athletic dog that is the best guardian dog. It is also called qimmet. It is also considered on the verge of extinction, as according to statistics in 2008, there are about 300 dogs of this species. Nowadays, it is used by the Canadian police so they are trying to increase its population of it.

6- Tibetan Mastiff dog breed

Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world as its price is around 5000 to 9000$. Besides, its origin is in Tibet, China, however, one of these dog breeds was sold for about 2 million $. In addition, it is characterized by sleeping during the day while being alert at night. It was usually used for defending the sheep from wolves, bears, leopards, and tigers. So, it has a large strong body.

7- Chinese Crested Hairless dog breed

Chinese Crested hairless dog breed is the most expensive breed since it costs 5000$. Not only its price is strange, but also its appearance as it has a single coat. However, there are two types of it the powder puff and the hairless. The only difference between the two types is that the hairless one has one single coat with hairless parts of the body, while the other has a double fur coat.

8- Akita dog breed

Akita dog breed is the most Japanese expensive breed, as it costs about 3500$. Besides, its main origin is north of Japan, it is not familiar with strangers, but it likes family members. In addition, it is a large-sized dog with a short double coat, besides being an independent strong dog. So, it is one of the best expansive dog breeds in the world.

9- Pharaoh hound dog breed

Pharaoh hound is the ninth most expensive dog breed that is worth its price, as it costs around 3000 to 7000$. Besides, it has a very unique appearance with little body fat and an athlete’s body that enables it to be an adept jumper. However, its name is Pharaoh some said that there is no origin with the ancient Egyptian pharaoh. While others believe that it descends from the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs called Tesem. In addition, it is very independent and likes to learn new things with new commands.

10- Chow Chow dog breed

The Chow chow dog breed is one of the most famous and expensive breeds that cost around 3000 to 9000$. It is mainly from north China and dates back to old centuries around 300 B.C. Besides, being a strong medium-sized dog that was used for hunting and also as a guard dog. In addition, it is covered with a coat like a lion. Some believe that it is the same dog that is found as a statue in front of Buddhist temples. While others believe that it is the dog that was in the invasion of the Mongolian armies to China.

In conclusion, there are many features of the dog breed that make it one of the best breeds. These features include intelligence, appearance, strength, and training. So, try to choose the best features in the breed you want as that will help you a lot to get your best friend and protector.

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