15 best dog breeds for the elderly person


There are many pets that you can raise up in your home, however, the best friend and loyal companion for juniors or seniors is the dog so we will tell you the best dog breeds for seniors. Getting old is a normal fact but getting old while having a loyal protector dog will make you enjoy your days. If you are searching for the best dog breeds, this is a list of the 15 best dog breeds for seniors.

1- German shepherd dog breed is the best for the elderly person

German shepherd dog breed is one of the most common dog breeds that have great intelligence. It is the perfect protector for elderly people as it will help you a lot and make you safe. Its intelligence enables it to take the right decisions for its owner. In addition, it has moderate energy that will not annoy you with many active hours.

2- Italian Greyhound dog breed

Italian Greyhound is one of the most suitable dog breeds for elderly people who prefer big dogs. Besides, it’s easy to groom it as it has short silky hair. In addition, its athletic look will let it make a walk per day and not do too many exercises. Moreover, it will adapt to your lifestyle easily.

3- Beagle dog breed

Beagle is a cute small dog breed that will help the elderly person to be safe. It is characterized by a perfect sense of smell that it will protect you once it smells any different smell. You will enjoy its companion with its irresistible cuteness.

 4- The greyhound dog breed is the best for the elderly person

Greyhound is usually the perfect friend for seniors, as it is quiet in their old ages as well. Besides, it is wise, gentle, and has a healthy body which makes it graceful. Most of this breed was used in racing while they were young, but after getting old, they became a little lazy than usual. So, it is the best choice that you have to consider.

5- Boston terrier dog breed

Boston terrier dog breed is the perfect breed that suits the needs of elderly people. In addition, it will not make them exert effort to take care of them. As this dog breed has a medium size with short hair, so you will need time for cleaning it. Besides, he enjoys staying with his owner doing whatever he does sleeping, walking, watching T.V., or even cooking.

6- Shih Tzu dog breed

Shih Tzu is a cute small dog breed that mainly elderly persons love its companion. Besides, being small is better for caring for them, you will exert little effort. Moreover, even if they have the small size they are perfect watchdogs that you will be more comfortable with. You can also enjoy having a walk with these small cute dogs.

7- Poodle dog breed

Poodles are a lovely dog breed that loves families, so they will amuse you and not leave you alone. If you are worried about cleaning the ground with his fur, this breed will not annoy you with its fur. Besides, it usually has strong health, so it will not visit the vet continuously to the vet or more expenses.

8- Pugs dog breed

Pugs dog breed is one of the most famous dog breeds, as it has special facial features. In addition, it is a sociable dog that will let you enjoy your time with its cute reactions. Its origin is Chinese and it loves its companion, so you will adore staying with it for a long time.

9- Chihuahua dog breed

Chihuahua is the cutest Mexican dog breed that has a small size as well. You will enjoy its active hours and its companions. Besides, it loves to be carried, but it is worth having at home. Moreover, it has a quick alert regarding any dangerous happening to its owner.

10- Golden doodle dog breed

Golden doodle is a perfect friend for seniors who wants some motivation for waking up or working. So, it is a moderately energetic dog that likes walks and hikes. In addition, it is a mix of Poodles with Golden Retriever, so you will get a perfect companion. You will also be safe with this intelligent friend.

11-The Lhasa apso dog breed is the best for the elderly person

Lhasa apso is one of the most beautiful dog breeds; it has a very cute look with its silky fur. As an elderly person it will not shed too much fur like other breeds, so don’t worry. Besides, they are energetic and alert which will help you and let you feel safe. Don’t hesitate and get it as many seniors like Lhasa apso as their loyal friends.

12- Golden retriever dog breed

The golden retriever is the most famous dog breed which proves its efficiency as it has a lot of benefits. Besides, it is friendly and loyal to its owner, so you will enjoy it. In addition, it has a noticeable intelligence that will help it to train new things quickly. Don’t miss this best friend and its lovely appearance.

13- Pomeranian dog breed

The Pomeranian dog breed is the best companion if you like to have a baby. It has many similarities with babies as it likes to get attention. Besides, enjoy running and having fun outdoors and also indoors. In addition, it likes to be carried and to play with it. So, if you are bored or love to hear it parking and you can groom its fur, it is the best choice.

14- The Bolognese dog breed is the best for the elderly person

Bolognese dogs are the perfect small dog breed that you will enjoy with it. In addition, it is a smart breed that you can train it for new tasks. It will not park too much like the Pomeranian dog breed and also will not be like the Chihuahua. So, you will enjoy your time with a quite cute friend.

15- The rough Collie dog breed is the best for the elderly person

Rough Collie is a lovely active dog breed; you will enjoy its beauty and active lifestyle. Besides, it loves staying with its owner everywhere. So, if your lifestyle is active or you have other animals, Rough Collie is the perfect choice for you. Besides, it has intelligence in making the right decisions for elderly people.

In conclusion, many elderly people live alone and get bored alone without a companion. So, this list of dog breeds is perfect after many studies. So, you have to choose what suits your lifestyle and daily routine.

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