15 actions never to do with your cat


Cats have a soul that feels your love or hatred, so there are things you have to avoid doing to your cat. If you love your cat you must read this article to learn the best way to deal with several situations with your cat. In addition, not only do you need to know this information but all your family members who deal with your cat. We will tell you in this article everything you need to know about things never to do with your cat.

15- Avoid scaring your cat

Cats don’t like to go through crowded places which make them aggressive and stressed. In addition, it will be afraid if you trapped it in the corner, so don’t make your cat scared by this action and situation.

14- Declawing your cat is not a solution

Scratching is normal behavior for cats you can try to buy scratch resistance toys. However, don’t cut its claws as its part of its identity and your cat will never forget that. So, get the advice of your vet on the best ways to avoid bad issues.

13- Regular check up is the best habit

Regular visits to the vet will save your cat from any disease as an early diagnosis is the best way. Besides, a cat’s normal attitude is playing, eating well, and being active, so if you notice any difference in its normal behaviors, this may be indicated to be a serious issue.

12- Micro-chipping is a useful safety way

Losing your cat is one of the critical cases that will help you a lot in this case. So, this microchip will help any rescue agency or shelter to find you in minutes, as they will identify the owner of the cat by scanning this microchip easily.

 11- Prepare a comfortable and safe trip for your cat

Traveling is a great adventure for humans while for cats it’s a terrifying thing to be trapped inside a car or plane. So, try to prepare the traveling method to suit your cat like buying the best kitty litter box. In addition, the cat may feel annoyed and stressed which will lead it to be aggressive, thus you must put a holder for it to be safer and calmer.

10- Cats don’t share the same litter boxes

Most cats don’t accept sharing the same litter with another cat, so you must avoid doing that. Besides, you have to have to keep your litter box clean all the time. Otherwise, your cat will defecate outside the litter and you will not be satisfied.

9- Do not let them gain weight

Most cat owners feed their cats more than usual to make sure it is not hungry. However, this action may affect the cat badly and cause serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and other liver or joint problems. The more the weight of the cat, the less life it will live. So, provide it with healthy reasonable food.

8- Visit the vet for fast heartworm treatment

You must notify your cat well once you feel there are Mosquitoes and fleas as it carries heartworms. If you have visited your fried’s cats or gone outside of the home in an open place watch out for your cat. So, you must visit the vet and don’t skip the heartworm treatment.

7- Supervise your cat outdoors

Your cat is your responsibility, you have to notice it and save it from any danger. Besides, it may be afraid if it is outside the home alone when a bigger animal appears. So, your cat must be supervised by you and encourage it not to be afraid as it needs your support all the time.

6- Be careful and close the windows

Cats are curious about a lot of things, especially a bird flying in the sky; it may try to catch it through the window. This will cause a serious and critical situation that you will regret not closing that window. Thus, closing windows is the best secure action you have to do, for saving your cat.

5- Your cat is not a Frisbee

Your cat thinks of you as the best friend in the world; kicking it or beating it is not the right manner if it did wrong. Cats feel, so this will affect on both mentally and physically. Besides, cats may do mistakes, but they don’t deserve to be treated as a Frisbee.

4- Don’t punish your cat

Cats are like babies who may play with everything in your home, but what you will do if it destroyed something you love? Punishing your cat is a very bad idea and you must no to do that with your cat because that will make it feel that you don’t love it anymore. Try to be calm and yell at your cat, it will depress of this reaction.

3- Be careful about those hairballs

You must regularly groom your cat; this will reduce hair loss. Actually, it’s a normal thing to get hair loss from your cat. However, cats have a strange behavior of eating hairballs, which may cause gastrointestinal disease. So, try to clean your place regularly and notice your cat’s behaviors to avoid the accumulation of hairballs.

2- Cat insurance is a must

Insurance is the best solution if you have a cat since cats suffer from many diseases usually. For example, if your cat had diabetes you may lose all your savings for treatment. In the case of having good cat insurance, you will be on the safe side besides getting the best treatment for your cat.

1- Keep your cat’s teeth clean and brushed

Your cat’s teeth need more attention, as cat’s hat brushing that you may get despair. If you neglect this habit of brushing and bleaching your cat’s teeth, you will lead your cat to pain that will make it angry and aggressive as well. Besides, that will cost you more expensive teeth treatments for cats.

In conclusion, your cat needs to be treated as a friend, not as an amusing animal. Follow the instructions in this article to avoid getting it aggressive or depressed from you.

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