13 cats’ behavior indicates that you must visit the veterinarian


Cats have a lot of similarities with humans, as once their behavior changes; this is a sign of something. There are many reasons for changing its behavior which may be sickness, depression, stress, or other diseases. So, once you notice a change in any usual behavior from the following you must visit the veterinarian to get the right diagnosis, don’t try to help her without its veterinarian. Besides, this will help your cat to get a fast cure to return to its normal habits and life. We will tell you that 13 cats’ behavior makes you visit the veterinarian.

13- Usual sleeping time changes

Like humans, if you feel sick or tired, you will sleep more than usual, the same as your cat. If you find that it sleeps more than its normal way or it’s lazier, that means you need to visit the veterinarian to know the reason.

12- Grooming habit changes

A natural habit for cats is grooming, you must have noticed that. So, if your cat is not grooming, this is unusual behavior for cats. In addition, your cat may be gained weight which made it difficult to groom its body. Your role here is to help it to lose weight.

11- Weight changes

The weight is the main sign of the health of any creature, cats as well you can notice. Noticing your cat’s weight will help you to know quickly any disease or sickness it has such as Diabetes, Fluid retention, or inflammatory bowel disease. In this case, you must go to the veterinarian to get the right diagnosis and medicine.

10- Being more aggressive than usual

This point is different from the previous one, if your cat is normally cute, it will be a huge difference if she became too aggressive. Normally cats get aggressive with toys or other animals, but if they became aggressive all day, this means a lot. Maybe it feels pain or is sick or sad about something that happened

9- Hiding behavior changes

Cats have some attitudes and habits that never change as this is the best way to play with you. Hiding is one of the main natural behaviors for cats, so if you found out that your cat is not hiding, as usual, it means a critical issue. Besides, it may be it is sick or needs a veterinarian to cure this illness or pain.

8 – Don’t want to play

Cats like to play with their owner as their best friend and companion is you. So, if you find its usual way of playing with you changed or if she is not running to play with you after you return home, this means a lot. Don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian to check why you

7- Scratching behavior changes

Scratching is a normal habit for animals, especially cats, so, if your cat is doing that more than usual, this is a sign of something happening to it. So, this usual behavior to scratch things and leave its scent in that item, but more than usual is an indication that your cat is stressed or needs Nutritional supplement.

6- Defecating behavior changes

Most of the cats follow their owner’s orders such as defecating in their litter box. However, if your cat changed this behavior and did it outside the litter box, this means a lot of things. It may be the size of the new litter box is not comfortable for it or your cat wants to tell you that there is pain while defecating or urination. In addition, it may be stressed or not sleeping well.

5- Cats changing appetite

Usually, cats wait for you to feed them, however, if that habit changes and she didn’t eat well, this means a serious case. So, you must visit the vet to check it for any depression or illness as the veterinarian might write an appetizer medicine. You have to follow the doctor’s prescription and instructions so as not to lead to serious Disease complications.

4- Being not aggressive at all

As a normal attitude, once cats see toys they became a little more aggressive than usual. So, if your cat didn’t get aggressive this is an unusual reaction as cats like any other animal wants to hunt and catch. If the cat didn’t try to catch or act as a hunter that means it is not comfortable and may be sick or afraid of something or jealous of another animal in the family.

3- Vocalization behavior changes

Cats make many sounds that they do for specific reasons, however in some cases especially at night if they make more noises such as yowling or crying, this is an indication that it needs a visit to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

2- Social interaction changes

Cats usually like to interact with all the family members or even other pets, however, sometimes it feels jealous of other pets that take attention from her. So, the best solution is to get toys and play with your cat that does will remove the stress and the sensitive behavior.

1- Eating behavior changes

Each cat has its special attitude during the day, eating is one of the things that your cat must have a usual attitude while eating. In addition, there are many reasons that you have to visit the veterinarian once you feel that change. Besides, if it is not raining or if it is losing weight, you must notice that behavior changes.

In conclusion, your cat is one of your best friends, but you are the only best friend. So, it needs your care and attention for any changing behavior that it makes. Most of the cats act in different behavior than usual to let you know that she needs your help. Don’t hesitate to get the help of a veterinarian to save it from any depression, disease, or any other issue that bothers it a lot. Your cat is not only an amusement partner but actually, it is a soul that you have to notice and take care of it.

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